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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  September 25, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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with what appears to be murder suicide. >> it's scary to think it happened a few houses down from us. you never would have guessed it from how nice the family seems. >> neighbors struggled to think of anything that might have led to the tragedy in their comfortable neighborhood. a family of four, mother and father and their two teenage boys found dead in their home. >> there's no signs of any issues. there's absolutely no signs that you could see. >> my family playing in the yard, stuff like that. >> never saw any sign of trouble. >> a friend or family member who arrived was obviously distressed after talking to detectives. signs point to murder suicide, but police are holding back information until next of kin are notified. >> detectives at this point have not gone into a lot of detail about the conditions of the bodies other than to say most likely, the individuals were reported not being at work yesterday and today. >> neighbors say the couple bought their home 27 years ago
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and were original owners. we're told they had two boys in 10th and 8th grade. neighbors say the family was often seen sitting outside on their front porch. >> he is a big guy, burly. and she was smaller and they were a cute couple and she was full of energy. just real energetic. >> an awesome neighborhood. great people that live here. for that to happen is just, words can't describe. >> police have not told us cause of death yet and they are not releasing names, pending notification of family. we do, however, know that their oldest son was a sophomore at westfield high school and the younger son was in 8th grade at rachel carson middle school and counselors will be on hand tomorrow. derek. >> of course, the big question tonight, why did this happen? peggy fox, thank you. deal or no deal? tomorrow, members of pepco's
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electrical union workers will vote on whether or not to accept a contract proposal from the utility. a pepco spokeswoman says if the workers end up going on strike, there should be no disruption to service or repairs. the power company has contractors on stand by, but the union president says they are not solid replacements. they are not here like we are. our members are members of the community, contractors come and go. >> the labor dispute surrounds the wages, the benefits, and other issues that impact them. the last union strike was back in 1985. prince georges county police say three people are in custody for trying to steal copper today. the arrests were made just after 6:00 a.m. at a giant grocery in the 8800 block of woodyard road. this was this clinton. they tried to steal the copper from the building and taken into custody right there on the scene. a maryland man faces several charges connected to a
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sexual assault in waldorf. police say kirk communicated with the 14-year-old on a social networking site. they reportedly engaged in some kind of sexual activity and yancy disclosed he wasn't 17 as he first claimed, but 24. in fact, he is 34 years old. the charles county sheriff's office arrested yancy at his home in capital heights and charged him with second-degree rape among other things. what you are about to see is the troubling story of domestic abuse. in this case, the victim is a man and the abuser now convicted is a woman. and she'll be sentenced in court tomorrow morning. only on 9, andrea mccarren sat down with the with the man who believes there's a troubling disparity. >> that's what he is saying. the young man you're about to meet has been tormented by an exgirlfriend for more than two years in two separate local jurisdictions. he felt compelled to speak out about the abuse, the failed
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protective orders and the system that left him feeling helpless and vulnerable. >> she stalked me, she harassed me, she hit me. >> what began as telephone harassment quickly escalated into physical assault. >> it's not cool for a man to hit a woman. it's not cool for a man to woman to hit a man. >> abusers stay away from his home, workplace, and family. yet she repeatedly defied them. >> she has called my employers, told them i'm a thief and not to be trusted. >> the exgirlfriend with whom he spent less than a year has repeatedly stalked, harassed, and assaulted him. even in public places. inside a courthouse and on a metro train. >> i cannot react. i can't push. anything like that. it's going to put me in trouble. >> if their roles were
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reversed, he's convinced the judicial system would be treating him differently. >> i would be in jail right now waiting for a court date without a bond. >> it's almost like the domestic violence system wants to see you after you have been beat up, stabbed, shot. >> his current girlfriend has helped him navigate the judicial system. >> i'm afraid for anyone, male or female, who is the target of someone like the person that we've had to deal with these past two years. because clearly, the system is ineffective. >> for now, the couple lives in constant fear that his exor someone working on her behalf will strike again. >> it is an intense feeling everywhere i go. i know at any moment she could pop up or have someone pop up be e hind me. >> something bad is going to happen. you know, something bad has already happened. >> the abuser was recently convicted of stalking and telephone misuse. she'll be sentenced tomorrow morning and could face 18 months in jail.
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in the past, she only received suspended sentences and unsupervised probation. derek. >> we can only hope this is a time that scares her away. >> that's what they are hoping and they generally hope she gets help. clearly it sounds like she needs help. >> lesli. even president obama says it is time for the regular referees to get back on the job. he made the remark today following the questionable call by those replacement refs last night that gave the seattle seahawks the game. bruce johnson sampled some opinion from around town today. >> they need to do something about them. >> i think they are terrible. >> we couldn't find a single fan who agreed with the replacement referees and the nfl that seattle won last night's game with the touchdown reception as time ran out. >> was it an interception or a touchdown? >> it was an interception. >> got these kidergarden guys out here making the calls. >> former redskins defensive end, dexter manley. >> everyone in this country -- you could see the fan bases
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there. i think it's going to really hurt football. >> very few other people we talk with today said they will stop watching football. you feel for the victims. the players, but you are going to tune in. you are going to slow up to watch to see how it all turns out. >> so yeah, it's not necessarily good publicity, but it's publicity. >> it's reality television. >> former skins linebacker great predicts even bigger tv audiences for the game. >> they are going to watch to see if it impacts their team positively or negatively. >> with viewers tuning in, arrington says the nfl owners will become more entrenched in their negotiations with permanent referees and more firm with players and coaches who get out of loin during the games. >> they may start suspending guys. >> bruce johnson, 9news now. >> reviewed that video today and said it supports the decision not to overturn the replacement refs on field
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ruling, which probably will not quell ch the noise. >> let's get to what will be happening at 7:00. the largest outbreak ever for the west nile virus and at 7:00, we'll hear from researchers who are racing to find a cure in one of the hardest hit areas. that's 9news at 7:00. >> still ahead on 9news now, president obama warns iran and calls for tolerance in the arab spring. we'll have more on his address before the united nations general assembly. top. >> a very nice day. yes, the clouds have arrived. here are the numbers, 76 and 53. nice, 77 and 59. record high 95. record low 39. six of the last ten nights downtown have been in the 50s. we'll come back and we have showers on radar. we'll talk about that and maybe a thunderstorm. plus, the struggling senate campaign of missouri republican, todd aiken, not only is he not going away, it looks like he's picking up support. those stories and much more
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still ahead.
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today is the deadline for todd aiken to withdraw from the race. members of his own party, including presidential candidate, mitt romney, are urging him to withdraw. it's the result of an interview where women can shut down the whole thing in order to avoid pregnancy. not everyone is distancing
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themselves from aiken, including newt gingrich. >> i don't see how any national republican and good conscious after tomorrow has any choice except to say, the choice is the republican nominee where senator mccaskill, i am for the republican nominee. >> aiken apologized for the rape comment before the controversial interview. missouri was considered a likely republican win. polls now show democratic incumbent has the advantage in another development, a powerful conservative pack said today, okay, things have changed. we reconsidering withholding funds. he's getting more support. >> still to come on 9news now, all gave some, some gave all. a local community salutes pow's and mia's from the vietnam era.
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president obama is calling on world leaders at the u.n. to address the tensions that are growing between the west and the middle east. the president described recent antiamerican violence as an assault on the ideals of the world body. stacey cohen has more. >> president set the tone of his remarks with his first words, chris stevens. he honored the late u.s. ambassador's devotion to libya and promised to find the people who killed stevens and three others. and the president asked for unanimous condemnation of the
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mob behind the murders. >> today we must reaffirm that our future will be determined by people like chris stevens and not by his killers. today we must declare that this violence and intolerance has no place among our united nations. >> the president called a privately produced video that anchored muslims crude and disgusting. affirmed the american ideal of free speech. the world is growing impatient with the nation's secrecy around its nuclear program. >> let me be clear. america wants to resolve this issue. we believe that there is time and space to do so. >> mr. obama also called for an end to the regime of syrian president,a la sad. u.n. secretary, the violence in that nation is spiraling dangerously. >> continue to be commented. mainly by the government, but also by opposition groups.
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such crimes must not go unpunnished. >> president in the mist of a bruising election battle ended with a theme from his last campaign. >> hope. >> thanking libyans who marched against the mob, adding the rising tide of liberty will not be reversed. i'm stacey cohen reporting. >> republican presidential candidate, mitt romney, delivered his own foreign policy address today across town at the clinton global initiative. require countries that accept american aid to remove trade barriers and allow united states investments. mr. romney also said his reforms could bring more stability to the middle east. american soldiers from the vietnam war were honored today in la plata. specifically soldiers considered missing in action. matt jablow has the details from charles county. >> i'm matt jablow in la plata where charles county became the first county in maryland that will fly the missing in action flag year round.
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in attendance for the historic event where dozens of veterans and their families -- >> blessed memories. >> and one family's loved one, private first class, francis wills, never returned to vietnam. making him the only soldier from charles county still considered missing in action. >> he was my hero. >> private will's younger brother. >> he was just everything to me. >> francis wills would have been 67 years old where he is still alive. >> my uncle was bigger than life. >> even though private mills is listed as missing in action, they know they'll never see him again. >> do you think there's any chance he's ever coming back? >> the family also knows perhaps with more certainty that he'll be in their hearts for ever. >> he's always with us. always. >> it's believed that about 1700 american soldiers who served in vietnam are still
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missing in action. >> what a lovely day for such an important ceremony. >> yes, very nice. they got it in before the clouds came in. and we are looking at a treat tomorrow. it's going to be a double edged sword. it's going to be like summer, which is nice. days in the 80s are going to be few and far between. we'll the risk of a shower or thunderstorm and also in the evening. let's start with a live look outside. this is looking west from tyson's corner. you see the clouds here. temperature high 76. 75 downtown. dew point in the 40s, not bad. it's not uncomfortable out by any means and winds south, southwest at 11. they are gusting to 20. pressure on the rise, 30.14 inches of mercury. okay, satellite picture, radar combined. we'll zoom in. this is where the frontal boundary is. unfortunately, it is orienting itself more east to west. they slide across and waiver around the metro area. that's what this is going to
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do. thankfully, this heavy batch of showers and storms has diminished. it went through southern sections of virginia. a couple showers are still possible in the mountains later on tonight and in the immediate metro area early in the morning. the wee hours of the morning. 72 great falls. 71 in fairfax. 72 in arlington. and still 76 in college park and still 73 out toward bowie. so a touch of summer on the way. milder tonight. umbrella at the bus stop. that's pretty good idea. you won't need it all day. you'll need your umbrella and sunglasses, too. much warmer on wednesday and unsettled on thursday, but not a washout. here's our model forecast. 1:30 in the morning, showers possible. martinsburg, mainly just shades of green, which is light. we stop it for you at 5:00, 515. some of the roads could be wet tomorrow morning. nothing heavy, but enough to wet the roads. we get a break. sunshine comes out in the mid- morning and another batch of showers, maybe isolated thunderstorm possible as we go through the evening hours.
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so for tonight, we're looking at clouds on the increase. breezy and mild. shower possible by dawn. lows 54 to about 62. now the next three days, code green, green, and green. tomorrow is going to be a green day. 83, a couple showers or storms possible. a few showers on thursday. near 75. should be okay for the ravens game and a few showers on friday. 74. still not bad. not a great way to finish the week, but not bad. weekend we cleaned up. do not see a nor'easter anymore. shower possible on saturday. shower possible on sunday. should be able to do your outdoor activities. and then nats are back in town monday. perfect, low 70s and low 70s next tuesday. >> sounds very nice. >> speaking of nats, that's something positive. enough with the refs. let's talk about something good. >> the nats, their magic number is close. can the nats take care of a thorn in their side? that's the question. washington needs to take care of a major headache in order to cut into that magic number.
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who is it and how difficult is this going to be? we go back to the replacement ref story. we can't get away from it. product -- we'll be right back.
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and now, 9sports with dave owen. >> true. there are more important things going on in this world besides this replacement ref story, but
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not many this fascinating. in a football crazy society, we are witnessing a billion dollar industry willing to sacrifice the quality of its products because it doesn't believe its consumers will walk away from it. last night's storm in seattle is the criticism surrounding these guys. you heard the word, integrity of the game compromise a lot in the last few days. do you agree or disagree with that? that's the question we pose to nfl expert, jarrett bell of u.s.a. today. >> no question at all. you are talking about the nfl quoting a hard line, knowing in its heart of hearts that the officiating is not up to nfl standards. the fans and those players and coaches deserve the best officiating. >> the nfl released a statement saying the officials determine that both players players have possession of the ball. the result of the play was a touchdown. we reviewed the video and support the decision.
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okay. all right. phillies, st. louis, or washington? where will the champagne be popped? nats fans would like to know. so would i. the magic number is 5 and nats trying to chip away at that tonight. that's coming off a split on milwaukee over the weekend, which featured yesterday, 12-2 win. here's the problem though. they play philly tonight. one of the few teams who had success against him. they won five of the last six. including a sweep last time. highlights at 11:00. >> will it rub off on the wizards? camp begins in a week at george mason university. the team gets a jump start on it today. ernie held his first press conference and the team president with a prediction right off the bat. >> we want to get better and we want to improve and we want to be more competitive on a nightly basis. and i think we will. we'll show that. it's just going to take a little bit of time. we expect to be a better team this year than we were the last couple of years for sure.
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>> strong prediction right there. finished as a general manager and coach of the mystics. the team went to a 5-29 season. the team says neither her or heresy her assistants will be back. great rivalries to choose from. three huge matchups in northern virginia. go to usa >> thank you. well that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> and derek is back with our area's only local news at 7:00. have a great night.
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>> pelley: tonight, signs of a new direction in the economy. we have new information on consumer confidence and real estate prices today. anthony mason on what all this means for jobs. jan crawford and nancy cordes with the president at the u.n. promoting free speech and mitt romney in ohio promoting free trade. jeff glor on the call that every football fan is talking about. >> it was awful. that's all i'm going to say about it. >> pelley: and these images helped change america. >> how could you not ask the question "what ever happened to that kid?" >> pelley: seth doane with the man who uncovered the stories behind the faces. captioning sponsored by cbs
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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. six weeks before an election that may turn on the state of the economy, a new survey out today finds that americans are feeling better about things. consumer confidence is at its highest level in seven months, largely because more americans expect the jobs picture to improve. but confidence is still at what's considered a weak level. home values are increasing. another report out today says prices in 20 major cities rose 1.6% in july. that's the fourth straight increase. but prices are still 30% below where they were before the housing bubble burst. stock portfolios are looking better. the dow is up 10% this year but gas prices are also on the rise. nationwide tonight they average $3.81 a gallon. that's 30 cents higher than a year ago. we're going to start tonight with signs of the improving jobs picture and anthony mason has been looking into that.
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>> reporter: the best gift this holiday season may be more jobs. toys "r" us said today it will take on 45,000 seasonal workers this year-- 5,000 more than last year. kohl's, the department store chain, is adding more than 52,000 holiday workers-- about 10% more than last year. target seasonal work force will be 80,000 to 90,000, down slightly from a year ago, but wal-mart is adding 50,000 jobs, up slightly. and game stop will add 17,000. >> it's about the same as last year. our fall season we're really expecting a nice surge in business. >> reporter: mike busky, senior vice president for hiring at game stop, says the world's largest video game retailer is bullish on the holiday. >> i think if you have a significant offering, consumers are ready to spend money. i think the iphone 5 release is a classic example. >> reporter: apple has already sold more than five million iphone 5s. >> that doesn't sound like an economy in recession.
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>> reporter: but across the country, the recovery has been uneven. nationally, the unemployment rate has dropped to 8.1%. but in four states-- north carolina, new jersey, california, and rhode island-- the jobless rate is still near 10% or above. in nevada it's more than 12%. that's why scott hoyt with moody's analytics is forecasting slow growth this holiday. >> it's going to be a modestly disappointing season. retailers are going to see growth in sales but not the kind of growth that they would like or even the kind of growth that they saw in the last two years. >> reporter: a disappointing season but not a disaster, hoyt says, two surveys are forecasting holiday hiring will increase this year but still well below prerecession levels. >> pelley: improvement but slow. thank you, anthony. now about those rising home prices. in phoenix, hit hard by the housing meltdown, prices were up more than 16% in july. in detroit they jumped more than
6:34 pm
6%. and in denver prices were up nearly 5.5%. all of that good news for the folks who are keeping up with their mortgages. but people facing foreclosure are running into a new problem. nationally, the availability of rentals is now at its lowest rate since 2001. barry petersen has been looking into this. >> reporter: when john and gina burnett bought their home in suburban denver they thought they'd spend the rest of their lives here with gina's son keith who has down syndrome. but john lost his job three years ago in the construction industry. >> what happened to all of the jobs? where'd they go? >> reporter: now they face losing their house to foreclosure and for them an unplanned transition from home owner to renter. >> it's very hard. it's painful. it's frustrating. >> reporter: does it feel unfair that this is happening to you? >> we've done everything we possibly could to keep this from
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happening and-- i'm sorry. and-- >> reporter: but it's happening. >> yeah. >> reporter: and as more foreclosed families need apartments, they are driving up demand and prices. nationwide vie kansi rates hit a ten-year low in 2011 and rents increased 4.7% since last year. >> that one apartment it would cost approximately $3,000 to $4,000 just to get into the apartment. >> reporter: do you have $4,000? >> no, we don't. >> reporter: what are you going to do? >> we don't know. >> reporter: you're seeing what kind of increases here? >> 7% to 10%. >> reporter: ron thrup is a denver real estate economist who says it will take at least ten years for new construction to ease the tight apartment market and much longer for foreclosed families to buy another home. >> they've lost their equity so they're going to have to save in order to buy a new home someday. >> reporter: and how long does it take before they could come back and do that? >> likely five to seven years.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: e gina is 51, john is 60, ages when life should be about the good days ahead. >> at this age we should be looking at retirement. and that's really hard. i kind of like that one. >> reporter: instead the burnetts are looking for an apartment. they know the longer it takes the higher their rent may be. barry petersen, cbs news, douglas county, colorado. >> pelley: well, even slight improvement in the economy tends to help the president in this election and we got new polling day from some of the few states that can go either way and will decide this election. in florida, the "washington post" poll shows the president with a four-point lead, 51% to 47%. but that is within the margin of error. in ohio, the president has an eight-point lead. 52% to 44%. jan crawford is with governor romney in dayton tonight. jan? >> reporter: well, scott, romney is in the buckeye state
6:37 pm
two days this week, and with good reason. no republican has won the white house without winning ohio. >> how in the world can people say they want four more years of president obama? we can't afford four more years of president obama! >> reporter: romney has based his campaign on the economy, but if ohio, the economic picture has been improving. after hitting a high of 10.6% three years ago, unemployment has been at 7.2% for three straight months. the national average is 8.1%. outside dayton, romney also talked about how his plan to pursue new trade agreements will help people in the state. >> the people in ohio can sell products anywhere in the world, and we can compete with anywhere in the world. i'm not afraid of trading with other nations. i understand that when we trade and when other nations trade on a fair basis we will complete, we will win, we'll raise wages here, we'll create jobs. >> reporter: with the election possibly in the balance in ohio, both sides are campaigning hard.
6:38 pm
both candidates have been here 13 times this year and they will both be here tomorrow. >> here in ohio we're not better off under president obama. >> reporter: they're also flooding the airwaves with television ads. >> romney's never stood up to china. >> reporter: they spent more money here than any other battleground state. since may, the president and the outside groups supporting his campaign have spent $47.9 million. $40.6 million by the campaign and more than $7 million by the outside groups. that's more than romney's team, which has spent $43 million on ads in ohio, $20.5 million by the campaign and more than $22 million by the groups. now, another reason ohio is so important is what it says about those other battleground states. scott, it's really a bellwether, and if romney can't pull off ohio it's hard to see some of those bluer states like pennsylvania and michigan breaking his way. >> pelley: jan, thanks very much. the president is headed to ohio
6:39 pm
tomorrow. today he was in new york for the annual gathering of head of state and government at the u.n. general assembly. on his mind was the murder this month of ambassador chris stevens and three other state department employees in benghazi, libya. the attack on the u.s. consulate there may have been motivated in part by an american-made internet video that ridicules islam. nancy cordes is at the u.n. tonight. nancy? >> reporter: scott, the president today delivered an extended defense of free speech rights here at the u.n. in an address that appeared to be aimed at leaders from the muslim world. >> i would like to begin today by telling you about an american named chris stevens. >> reporter: the president told world leaders today that the slain u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stevens, had gone to benghazi to establish a cultural center and help modernize a hospital. >> today we must declare that
6:40 pm
this violence and intolerance has no place among our united nations. >> reporter: it's still unclear what motivated the terrorist attack, but president obama focused on that anti-muslim video made in california, explaining why the u.s. can't and won't ban a movie that mr. obama himself described as "crude and disgusting." >> i know that not all countries in this body share this particular understanding of the protection of free speech. we recognize that. but in 2012 at a time when anyone with a cell phone can spread offensive views around the world with a click of a button the notion that we can control the flow of information is obsolete. >> reporter: a lot has changed since this group of leaders met a year ago. egypt and tunisia have held free elections. libya's dictator moammar qaddafi was deposed and killed. but the president argued today those countries cannot achieve
6:41 pm
democracy without embracing freedom of expression. >> as president of our country and commander-in-chief of our military i accept that people are going to call me awful things everyday. (laughter) and i will always defend their right to do so. >> reporter: mr. obama went into great detail about everything the u.s. had done to promote democratic rev hraougtss in the very countries where protests had erupted outside u.s. embassies and, scott, he said it's the obligation of leaders there to do everything they can to speak out in favor of tolerance. >> pelley: thank you, nancy. mr. obama also weighed in today on an issue that a lot of folks were arguing about: that bad call that cost the green bay packers the game in seattle last night. the president called it "terrible." the call was made by replacement referees. the n.f.l. has locked out the real officials in a dispute over pay and pensions and here's jeff glor. >> the game's final play--
6:42 pm
>> reporter: in 664 games over 42 years, "monday night football" had never ended with a touchdown on the final play and the clock at zero. if you ask former n.f.l. referee jim diaopolous, it still hasn't. >> there was indisputable visual evidence which is what they look for in reversing calls on the field. >> reporter: that evidence? seattle sea hawk's wide receiver golden tate not only pushed one green bay player out of the way-- that's interference-- he also didn't catch the ball. replacement officials ruled he did. that meant a touchdown and a win for seattle, a loss for the packers. packers quarter back aaron rogers after the game. >> just look at the replay. and then the fact that it was reviewed. it was awful. that's all i'm going to say about it. >> reporter: today the n.f.l., in a statement many found confusing, largely backed the referees saying the result of the game is final. but the call kept weeks of controversy surrounding the
6:43 pm
replacements. on sunday, one official inadvertently tripped a player with his hat. one ref was tricked by a coach into allowing an extra challenge. and one was grabbed by a coach who demanded an explanation of a call. >> we're going to have missed calls. however you've got to have somebody able to get out there and address the situation and know how to address specifics that go on and that only comes with experience and with mentoring. >> reporter: the league and its regular referees remain locked in a bitter labor dispute, most significantly over pension plans. as many of the replacements have little experience. the official who made the controversial call last night had only reffed high school and junior college games. while players and fans clamor for the replacement referee situation to end it won't. not until the two groups that matter here-- the regular referees and the league-- come together. jeff glor, cbs news, new york. >> pelley: can republicans win control of the senate? we'll look at a race that may make the difference.
6:44 pm
the hubble telescope reveals the longest look back in time ever recorded. and a foam phenomenon in scotland. that's not snow. scotland. that's not snow. when the "cbs evening news" continues. the pitch! whoa! so why are you doing his? only your doctor can determine if your persistent heartburn is actually something more serious like acid reflux disease. over time, stomach acid can damage the lining of your esophagus. for many, prescription nexium not only provides 24-hour heartburn relief, but can also help heal acid-related erosions in the lining of your esophagus. talk to your doctor about the risk for osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low magnesium levels with long-term use of nexium.
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fighting an uphill battle for control of the senate. have a look. democrats and two inspects who o caucus with them outnumber republicans 53-47.
6:47 pm
republicans expected to pick up a seat in missouri because democratic incumbent claire mccaskill was in trouble there. but then her g.o.p. challenger todd akin was denounced by his own party for things that he said about rape. today was the deadline for akin to drop out and clear the way for another republican candidate-- and he didn't. chip reid is there. >> reporter: congressman akin said he owes it to his supporters to stay in the race. >> i don't believe that that is really my decision. the decision was made by the voters of the state of missouri. (c d applause). >> reporter: it's an announcement establishment republicans have been dreading ever since akin-- who opposes abortion even in the case of rape-- said women rarely become pregnant from rape. >> if it's a legitimate rape the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. >> reporter: many leading republicans-- including mitt romney-- called on akin to get out of the race fearing his remarks would send women fleeing
6:48 pm
from the republican party. top republican fund-raiser karl rove withdrew his promise to shower super pac money on akin's campaign and he told a group of republican contributors-- in what he thought was a secret meeting-- we should sink todd akin. if he's found mysteriously murdered, don't look for my whereabouts. rove apologized and akin now says the attacks from leaders of his own party are firing up his conservative supporters. >> i believe it's backfiring and my sense is that there is a tremendous grass roots movement in this state to say we're tired of all these people in authority trying to impose more washington down our throats. >> reporter: all the turmoil has been a blessing for akin's opponent, democratic senator claire mccaskill, a supporter of health care reform, she was given little chance of winning reelection in this increasingly conservative state. but the polls now show her with a small lead which she attributes in part to akin's comment on abortion. >> but i think what has happened in this race has reenergizeed a
6:49 pm
lot of our supporters and so our volunteers are up, our low-level donations are up. >> reporter: the missouri senate seat was supposed to be an easy pickup for the republicans, scott, but now if they lose many republicans here in missouri say the party leaders back in washington will have no one to blame but themselves. >> pelley: chip, thank you. nasa today showed us what the universe looked like near the beginning of time. we'll have the picture in a moment. there's big news. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat men with low testosterone. androgel 1.62% is from the makers of the number one prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. it raises your testosterone levels, and... is concentrated, so you could use less gel.
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it raises your testosterone levels, and... protest turned into a battle today. thousands tried to march on the spanish parliament to protest cuts in government programs. riot police fired rubber bullets. 28 people were hurt. nearly two dozen arrested. a powerful storm off of scotland has buried the waterfront in the city of aberdeen in foam. people woke up sunday to find cars, streets, even homes covered by nearly a foot of sea foam. the layer of lather was churned up by the sea then blown ashore by the wind. some scotts said they thought it had snowed. and from the sea to a new view of deep space. it is the farthest ever view of our universe. astronomers say it shows thousands of galaxies-- some spanning back over 13 billion years of cosmic history.
6:53 pm
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6:56 pm
state building also took thousands of photos of children at work in mines and mills. photos that led to changes in child labor laws. now a century later seth doane tells us the pictures have caught the eye of a man who set out to finish the story that the images began. >> reporter: these photographs are of child labors at the turn of the 20th century. they were meant to shock and spur action. they were commissioned by a private advocacy organization called the national child labor committee. they were taken by photographer louis high between 1908 and 1924. heine exposed a world with these photographs that people didn't know existed. >> no and they wouldn't have gone looking for it. >> reporter: 70-year-old joe manning is a retired social worker from florence, massachusetts. a friend first showed him these photographs on the library of congress' web site. he was fascinated by the faces
6:57 pm
frozen in time. >> we have this wonderful album of basically unfinished stories. >> reporter: why unfinished? >> because you never go back and say "i wonder what happened with that kid?" >> reporter: for the past seven years with just names and locations as clues manning has tried to fill in the blanks. census records and obituaries led him to mill towns, including winchendon, massachusetts. heine took 40 photographs here in 1911. one of them was of this 13-year-old textile worker, mamie laburge. >> who was she somehow could you not ask the question whatever happened to that that kid? >> reporter: he found her surviving family through death notices in the local paper. did you have any idea that pictures of her existd? >> not at all. >> reporter: her granddaughters cheryl silk and deborah remembered playing near the old mill as kids but never knew their grandmother mamie worked inside. >> she was part of that era that
6:58 pm
i remember learning about in high school, you foe? my grandmother was child labor along with 12 of her siblings. >> reporter: it turns out she got married ten years after heine's visit, she had three children, loved to cook big meals, and lived to be 79. does piecing these bits of history together really change anything? >> it changes how i look back and it changes how i think about the past. >> reporter: so far, manning has helped 300 families rediscover their past. >> all these people that don't get in the history books, well, i'm trying to put them in at least my history book. they deserve it. >> reporter: giving a full picture to a snapshot of american history. seth doane, cbs news, winchendon, massachusetts. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
6:59 pm this is 9news now. >> kind of a cute couple. she was full of energy. just real energetic. >> four family members all found dead in the very same home. tonight, police are not yet saying what happened. do they know? we'll find out later on. the bodies of two adults and two children found just before noon at the house on point ryder lane and reporter, peggy fox, has more. >> whatever happened to this family may have happened sunday night. because neighbors saw them at a picnic sunday. and then monday morning, neither parent showed up for work and today, neighbors are struggling to come to grips with what appears to be murder suicide. >> there's no signs of any issues. there's no signs that you could see. >> neighbors ru


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